It's time to compete with the couch (and win).

Learn why tenant experience and real-time data are your secret weapons in convincing tenants to get back to the office and renew for the long run.

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Your tenants tell the story of your buildings.

  • Listen

    Collect tenant activity data at every touchpoint and ask for feedback with surveys.

  • Learn

    Understand how tenants interact with your space and which amenities they value most.

  • Take action

    Make capital improvements and provide the tenant experience that keeps them renewing.

VTS tenant experience benefits video

Create convenience, cultivate community, and collect real-time data.

  • Modern access control

  • Visitor management

  • Secure elevator access

  • Tenant feedback

  • Amenity reservations

  • Space utilization

  • Operations & service requests

  • Events & community

Modern access control

Modern building access control

Grant access with swipe-to-unlock, QR code scanning, and more. Detect tenant proximity with proprietary beacon technology.

Visitor management

Secure building visitor management

Offer mobile visitor registration. Connect tenants and guests with video intercom calling. Provide a searchable digital directory.

Secure elevator access

Secure building elevator access

Let tenants use their digital pass to scan at elevators. Ensure visitors can only access approved floors.

Tenant feedback

Real-time tenant feedback

Send tenant surveys through your VTS Activate property app to collect feedback on tenant needs and satisfaction.

Amenity reservations

Building amenity reservation system

Understand which amenities your tenants value the most to make capital improvement decisions.

Space utilization

Space utilization asset strategy

Collect real-time data on how tenants utilize your space to inform your asset strategy.

Operations & service requests

Tenant operations and service requests

Let tenants quickly submit service requests. Track requests and preventive maintenance measures all within one system.

Events & community

Tenant events and community management

Engage with your tenant population with newsfeed, marketplace, chat, emergency alert, and event publishing features.

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VTS Activate is the most-adopted tenant experience solution in proptech.



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Beyond the Tenant App: Exploring the Power of a True Tenant Experience Solution

Based on a recent survey from VTS, nearly 70% of office landlords are in the process of evaluating a tenant experience solution. And if you're one if them (or plan to be one soon) the question is: "how do I find a true solution that delivers the comprehensive functionality I need, not just the fluff?". Stream this live convo to find out.

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Your tenants' need-to-haves and nice-to-haves – all in one must-have app. For both work and play, tenants run their day with VTS Activate.


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