VTS Activate

Activate tenants in the modern workplace

The workplace has evolved. Connect your tenants with your offering no matter where they work and create better experiences in-office, in shared spaces, or at home — all from one app.


Branded experiences for tenants, powered by you

With the most powerful and configurable tenant experience platform, build experiences branded for tenants and still highlight everything your portfolio offers. Our technology allows you to capture tenant health and arm your teams with the insights they need to create impactful leasing, marketing, and operational strategies that ultimately support your bottom line.

What VTS Activate offers

Centralize and consolidate everything you need to create better experiences and facilitate tenant-talent relationships — think of VTS Activate as your command center.

With the operations and engagement tools your teams need, tenants and talent get access to the right spaces and the right experiences at the right time.

  • ic-unit-access
    Access control

    Deliver a secure, modern tenant experience from street to suite – and across your portfolio.

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  • ic-operation
    Operations management

    It's never been easier for tenants to submit work orders and your staff to manage them.

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  • ic-activate-tenant
    Tenant engagement

    Showcase the power of your brand and keep tenants connected with news, content, events, perks, and more.

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  • ic-analytics
    Advanced insights & analytics

    Get insights to anticipate your tenants' needs, and navigate renewals and relationships.

  • ic-activate-visitor
    Visitor management

    Tenants can invite and manage their guests, providing them with a positive and secure experience when they visit.

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  • ic-maintenance
    Work order management

    Increase efficiency and track performance by allowing tenants to submit work orders and your staff to manage them.

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  • ic-activate-note
    Preventative maintenance

    Get ahead and optimize staffing with automated assignments, schedules, and escalation rules.

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  • ic-alert
    Communications management

    Streamline updates and emergency alerts for your teams, your tenants, and their talent with multi-channel communications.

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  • ic-activate-gift
    Personalized experiences

    Create elevated touchpoints that promote your tenants’ brand and connect them to their talent on a new level.

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  • ic-activate-target
    Sophisticated targeting

    Deliver tailored communications and programming that drive app downloads and amenity usage.

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  • ic-activate-building
    Amenity booking

    Highlight amenities, and collect any needed payments and information, enabling seamless booking.

  • ic-activate-space
    Flex space management

    Adapt to changing workplace expectations and offer flexible spaces that optimize space and open opportunities for growth.

  • ic-activate-management
    Retail marketplace management

    Tenants can easily browse retailers, order food, schedule deliveries, and make secure in-app payments.

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  • ic-activate-integrate
    Partner integrations

    Curate the best experience and connect your existing systems with integrations with top technology partners.

See VTS Activate in action
VTS Activate benefits…

Your tenants and their talent

Deliver the modern experience today’s tenants expect with the personalization they demand. One app unlocks it all.

  • One app, one login, one seamless tenant experience. Tenants, their talent, and guests have access to their suites, shared spaces, and experiences that keep them coming back.
  • Partner with tenants and give them the experiences they need to retain talent and create deeper connections to their brand and identity.
  • Whether they’re across town or traveling for work, your talent can access everything your portfolio offers, anywhere and anytime.
VTS Activate benefits…

Property managers

Create a better end-to-end experience with centralized operations, systems, and insights. You’ll save time and get the data you and your team need to make better business decisions.

  • Operate your building from a command center with one login to manage properties, tenants, staff, and visitors from a single integrated platform.
  • Open a direct line to tenant admins and their talent, so you can get in touch when it matters most and let them access everything your building offers.
  • Streamline your operations and create seamless experiences for tenants through integrations with leading technology partners.
VTS Activate benefits…

Marketing and community managers

Reimagine what’s possible for marketing and programming. Promote your offerings to your entire tenant network and delight tenants at every touchpoint.

  • Highlight what makes every building in your portfolio unique. Drive amenity utilization, and engage tenants with content, events, and exclusive perks at their fingertips.
  • The in-app drag-and-drop content builder helps you create everything from informational pages to interactive posts and makes it easy to target messaging to the right audience.
  • Access tenant data to know which amenities, events, and content strategies resonate. Optimize tenant-specific initiatives with personalized offerings, turning tenants into brand advocates.
VTS Activate benefits…

Owners and operators

Own your tenant insights, understand your tenants like never before, and deliver on their needs across your entire portfolio.

  • Turn your portfolio into a seamless, integrated network. With VTS Activate, tenants can access and book everything you offer, all from one app.
  • Pulse-check tenant sentiment and leverage insights to anticipate needs, navigate renewals, and expand your relationships.
  • Improve space utilization, unlock new revenue opportunities, and upsell tenants on offerings and bookable amenities across your portfolio.

Activate your portfolio like never before

The modern workplace has expanded, making it more important than ever to link every piece of the workplace puzzle. VTS Activate is the one app that connects your business to your tenants and create exceptional experiences in-office and beyond.

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